This is to those who want to get into concrete details of our way of thinking, feeling and doing.

Our philosophy

Cyber Seals is a basecamp. A safe place from where we explore and reach new heights.

Our vision

Cyber Seals is based on the belief that if people work on things they enjoy in a context that supports their autonomy and competencies they will thrive.

Our manifesto

Our culture is the key to our success. It's the driver for our health, growth and results, individually and for the team. We are a bunch of like-minded specialists with a passion for IT security. We celebrate success, commiserate failure and learn together. We believe an inquisitive mentality always beats being the smartest for a moment.


Exploration is a combination of curiosity and decisiveness. We have an ongoing hunger to understand how things work and to crack the code. And we go the extra mile, get things done and do what most people only dream of.

Curious by nature. Decisive in actions.

Head Office

Tractieweg 41, Studio N
3534 AP Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 652 03 43 07
CoC: 76058247