Curious by nature. Decisive in actions!

Cyber Seals is a security startup that operates in an eco system of IT companies each with its own expertise and focus. So although we are young we can leverage our network and have access to clients like Ahold, ING, NS and government agencies. Our projects are typically 3 to 6 month assignments and are challenging for each level of expertise.

We appreciate everybody is unique with his/her own talents. We don't look at age to determine experience. We believe in sharing. We trust each other. We aim for longterm relationships. And we stay connected.

What you will be doing

Execute penetration tests

You help our customers increase their security across the board. Whether it is their website, infrastructure or apps, you locate weak points and provide an action plan on how to effectively improve them.

Guide secure development practices

You educate developers and DevOps teams to create reliable and secure foundations in the development of new products.

Increase phishing resilience

You determine how resilient organisations are against phishing attacks and educate them about best practices. 

Analyse security breaches

You monitor access points and analyse security breaches to determine the root cause of an incident. You classify the severity of alerts and assess the potential impact.

Manage security systems

You perform both internal and external security assessments. You manage client’s networks, SIEM, intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Optimize security tooling

You design, optimise and implement security tooling like SIEM and IDS.

Het team in ons Werkspoorkathedraal kantoor

An awesome space to work

Nicely situated in the historical 'Werkspoorkathedraal' we work in a comfortable casual environment stocked with snacks and lunch, soda pop and more goodness.


We offer a great salary, an indefinite contract from the get-go, a lease car, EUR 3.000 annual personal training budget and 25% of our profit is shared amongst employees.

A photo of a man holding a credit card next to his laptop
A photo of DEF CON

Personal development

Aside from the time to slack, you can use your annual personal training budget to get OSCP, OSCE or GIAC GCTI certified or join us to Black Hat and DEF CON®.

Fun stuff

We have plenty of fun stuff around in the office like game consoles, a claw machine, VR glasses and a dart board to name a few. And if we don't have it ourselves we'll go out and have fun somewhere else!

All in all an awesome place to work with passion, explore with time for slacking, be free, laugh, learn, make mistakes, feel fuzzy and warm at home, stop worrying, find solutions to complex puzzles, make friends and eat delicious pizza with that stringy cheese that always looks so great in commercials.

Job openings

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Get in touch via Whatsapp with Michel +31 644 33 10 00 or Paul +31 624 53 99 56

Curious by nature. Decisive in actions.

Head Office

Tractieweg 41, Studio N
3534 AP Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 624 53 99 56
+31 644 33 10 00
CoC: 76058247